Dear Reverend Kraus, Just a note to express our thanks and appreciation for the ceremony you performed for our family. We truly felt the love and continue to remember that evening fondly. Sincerely, Karen, Raymond, and Ryan James. Xoxoxo
Dianne, Our wedding ceremony could not have been the very unique event it was without the loving and personal flavor which you infused into it. Our guests still refer to the service in glowing terms. We cannot thank you enough. God bless you. Love, Grethel and Wilford Moore
May your days be bright and merry! Best wishes to you! Mitch, Gina and Gianna Raimi. We still talk about our wedding ceremony, which was September 24, 1994.
We could not imagine anyone else performing our wedding ceremony. It was just wonderful. Thank you so much. Love, Nicholas and Carole Biondo
To Dianne, The ceremony was so magnificent. Thank you so much for performing the service. Your thoughfulness and good wishes are greatly appreciated. Love, Diane and Carlos
Dear Reverend Dianne, Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on our ceremony. It was truly warm and touching; you really made it special for both of us. It will be a memory we will hold dear always. Fondly, Claire and Rob
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